Once upon a time, Alex was reading her favorite blog and stumbled on a series she had previously ignored about tarot. She spent the entire weekend gobbling up information and by the time the sun came up on Monday morning she had carefully selected and purchased a tarot deck, a journal for the deck in matching artwork, and an alter cloth to read spreads on.

However, even as she did these things she fought a skeptical voice in her head that whispered how ridiculous this all sounded when she said it out loud. Cards with pictures in them telling you what to do in your life? What? The more she thought about it, through, the more she realized this skepticism, and the very real fear of confronting her spirituality were rooted in her upbringing (isn’t it always the way?).

You see, Alex was raised in the Mormon cult, an oppressive, controlling, traumatic environment that permeated every aspect of her life. She realized it was time to confront that shit and found that the cards called to her, “let us help you,” they cried.

She felt a little ridiculous, but she listened.

She set out on a journey, carried with her her skepticism, her emotional baggage, and her burgeoning hope for a sense of peace.

Come with her; we’re all Fools here.


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