Daily Draw: The Lovers


I recently read a technique to daily draws that I’ve started to employ. After drawing the card for the day, I look at the card on the bottom of the deck. This symbolizes what the reading is not. I’m really loving the extra level of clarity that this has been bringing to my readings.

I’ve also acquired a new deck (I think I’m going to stick with this one for a while because it is really speaking to me) The Fountain Tarot deck and I’m in love with it’s beauty. Full of sacred geometry and well thought out cards and meanings in the accompanying book, it is stunning to work with and feels like it’s calling to me at the moment.

My daily draw question is usually some variation of “How can I best love myself today,” and today I drew The Lovers. The guidebook says

We all have unexplainable moments of ‘knowing’ or recognizing our Selves in a person or a place intuitively. These moments of love are spiritual, like reuniting with a cosmic twin. They can restore balance and make us feel very happy. Unlike the title might suggest, The Lovers card is not primarily about passion or romance. When these moments of love occur, they are about a choice – follow your head, or follow your heart.

The card at the bottom of the deck was The Emperor, a card about structure, control, and careful order. So this reading is about following my heart, and it’s not about structure or control. I’m a Capricorn, and I tend to like and trust order and control, so this was useful information.

All of The Fountain tarot cards are beautiful, and The Lovers is no exception. Two figures reach for each other with one hand. They might be both holding onto a disk, or a dish. The base of a candle perhaps? It seems because one has the outline of a breast and the other does not that they are likely drawn with the idea of being male and female, but they aren’t so heavily coded that it is a stretch for me to read them as two women joining in partnership.

Sacred geometry plays a large part in this deck, one of the reasons I am drawn to it, and in this card we see a triangle, shadowed over our two figures. They sit partially inside it, the obtuse angle at the top sends the sides out past the edges of their bodies, but their shoulders and heads rise above it. They also sit within a circle, a dome, which seems to fracture the light.  Below them the geometric shape continues down, giving them a sense of being rooted.

This card is all about balance. From top to bottom, from side to side, everything is balanced.

The two figures might be romantic partners, but the description also suggests the idea of seeing oneself, the burst of white light between the figures hints at this as it almost resembles a mirror. Or literal twins facing each other. An image of the times when we feel we recognize bits of ourselves in other people or places the way the guidebook describes.

The presence of the Emperor as my “not this” card, indicates to me that the choice I’m facing is between pursuing my creativity or… not. If I follow my heart (or continue to do so) I’ll keep working on this creative project even though nothing may come of it. I may never get published. I may never make a living with my art. But my heart wants to make it, and The Lovers is telling me to go for it because I will find part of myself in its creation.


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